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Danica Seafood LTD

Delivering the freshest fish the fastest way possible is the simple rule upon which Danica Seafood bases its thriving export business. Danica’s dedication to providing customer with top quality supplies of cod, haddock halibut, ocean catfish monkfish, ocean perch and other species has succeeded in making the company a leader in service markets worldwide with Icelandic fish. Established in 1993, the company has developed a personal approach to exporting fish. Once an order is received, the catch is quickly processed and packed to the customer’s specifications at quality controlled facility and the dispatched on the first available flight.



In good hands

It is absolutely necessary to be in goods hands. In the end of January Oli visited our friends at Sealord in UK. Thank you for your excellent cooperation through the years. From left: Sue…

Among the strongest in Iceland

We are among the strongest in Iceland. Today Danica Seafood Ltd. received a reward from Credit Info as one of 177 outstanding company's in Iceland for the year 2010. This…

Benefit of future generations

This video gives an overview of the fisheries in Iceland, and presents the principles of the Iceland Responsible Fisheries programme.   Here is another video, which takes you on…